506R Series Reeled Fiber Dispenser

Key Product Benefits

  • Reeled customer distribution fiber speeds installation
  • Equipped with pre-connectorized fiber
  • Slack storage of rigid drop or 900um drop fiber
  • 30mm bend radius designed to accommodate G.652 or G.657 drop fiber
  • SC or LC adapter provides demarcation and test point between drop and customer fiber
  • Provision for two fusion splice sleeves

Tii’s 506R Series Reeled Fiber Dispenser is a compact unit designed to provide demarcation between OSP fiber drop and customer distribution fiber. Fiber drop can be fusion spliced or connected to the distribution fiber using an SC or LC adapter, thus establishing a demarcation and test access point. The unit is preloaded with up to 125 feet of connectorized fiber stored on a rotating reel for distribution into the home, facilitating a fast FTTH deployment. One of the deployment options is Tii’s OFNR rated Indoor/Outdoor Peelable Microdrop Cable, the Z1K9R8 Series.