220 Coaxial Isolator

Key Product Benefits

  • Isolates Coax shield — preventing unwanted ground loop current on the shield of the cable, which can cause noise and degrade picture quality
  • DC Block on center conductor protects electronic equipment from hazardous voltages and electrical transients
  • Designed to work with today’s high bandwidth networks
  • Shows superior RF performance operating at a frequency range of 5 MHz-1 GHz. Maximum insertion loss is 0.5 dB at 1 GHz

The 220 coaxial isolator provides galvanic isolation both the shield and center conductors of a standard 75 ohms coaxial system while maintaining low insertion loss for RF signals. The isolator eliminates ground loops, and provides a degree of protection for electronic equipment from electrical transients and inadvertently “Hot” coax shield or center conductors. This helps prevent unwanted noise and picture interference in cable television systems. The isolator’s frequency range is suitable for IPTV installations utilizing HPNA or MoCA signaling over coaxial cable.