210 BNC Series In-Line Coaxial Surge Protector

Key Product Benefits

  • Greatly increases network reliability and significantly improves system survivability
  • Primary Coaxial surge protectors limit the magnitude of unwanted induced high-voltage surge currents that may appear on the center conductor of a coaxial cable
  • Unique In-line® design is impedance matched to 75 ohms and is transparent to all analog or digital bi-directional signals transmitted at frequencies from DC to 50 MHz
  • Coaxial gas tube protector is equipped with an integral fail short mechanism to protect against power-cross surges

Designed specifically for today’s broadband coax distribution networks, Tii’s state-of-the-art, In-Line® Coaxial Surge Arrester protects personnel and equipment from lightning and power-induced excess voltage surges on coaxial cable circuits.