160 Series Station Protector Enclosure

Key Product Benefits

  • The 160GS is equipped with a ground stud and accepts one or two protector modules in a compact, secure enclosure
  • Use these enclosures to house other listed electronic devices for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications or to protect wiring terminations
  • Cover is molded of temperature and humidity-resistant thermoplastic, which resists cracking, crazing, and discoloration. It interlocks with the base, protecting contents from corrosion, moisture, and debris.
  • For additional security, the cover can be secured with a cable tie or similar locking device

160 Series Indoor/Outdoor Protector Enclosures shield Tii’s Total Failsafe® (TFS®) Protector Modules or other electronic devices from most environmental conditions. It has a mounting base, a flexible grommet and a fitted flange cover that snaps tightly closed.