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Tii Offers a Full Line of Products to Support FTTx Applications

Easy to install indoor/outdoor fiber transition enclosures organize equipment & provide slack storage for ONTs and power adapters.

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  • Fiber Optics Product Catalog

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  • Communication Products Catalog

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  • Tii has had a clear mission for nearly 50 years: Develop and deliver innovative technology solutions to communications service providers.

    Our state-of-the-art R&D labs continue to add new solutions and product lines to our core technologies, ensuring that we meet our customers needs today, and anticipate their needs for tomorrow.

  • Tii Achieves Global TL9000 Certification
    Tii uses a rigorous method of quality control to ensure our customers receive cost competitive parts of the highest possible level of quality.
    Tii is certified to TL9000.

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New Products

  • FET4 Series
    48F Outdoor Fiber Demarcation Enclosure

    AdobePDF.jpg FET4 Series

    Residential Gateway Shelf
    for the FMC Series Enclosures

    AdobePDF.jpg FMC Series

  • FDH7 Series
    Modular FDH Pole/
    Pad Mount Enclosure
    AdobePDF.jpg FDH7 Series

  • 508F
    Fiber Interface Device/Slack Storage

    AdobePDF.jpg 508F Series

  • HCCH-SC Series
    Modular Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) Enclosure

    AdobePDF.jpg HCCH-SC Series

  • FDH6 Series
    Modular FDH Pole/Pad Mount

    AdobePDF.jpg FDH6 Series

  • CCP7 Series
    Fiber ONT Connection Point

    AdobePDF.jpg CCP7

  • HCC Series
    Hybrid Connectivity Closure

  • 372S-4G
    Gigabit Ethernet Surge Protection Module

    AdobePDF.jpg 372S-4G

    GR-487 Compliant, NEMA 4X Rated Outdoor Metal ONT Cabinet

    AdobePDF.jpg OD-ONT-CAB

  • FPS Series
    Fiber Pathway System

    AdobePDF.jpg FPS Series

    View Installation Video

  • FSMx Series
    Fiber Optic Splitter Modules

    AdobePDF.jpg FSMx Series

  • CCP6
    Fiber Optic Customer
    Connection Point

    AdobePDF.jpg CCP6 Series

  • 171F
    Fiber Transition Enclosure

    AdobePDF.jpg 171F Series

    Double-Door Fiber Wall Mount
    Patch and Splice Enclosures

    AdobePDF.jpg Wall Mount Enclosures

  • NCVD
    Non-Contact Voltage Dectector

    AdobePDF.jpg NCVD (PDF)

  • FMC Series
    Structured Wire
    Flush Mount Closures

    AdobePDF.jpg FMC SERIES (PDF)

  • Z1K9R8 Series
    Peelable MicroDrop Cable

    AdobePDF.jpg Z1K9R8 SERIES (PDF)

  • PSC Series
    Patch and Splice Cassette

    AdobePDF.jpg PSC SERIES (PDF)

    Rackmount Slack Storage Units

    AdobePDF.jpg RM1UBSS / RM2UBSS (PDF)

  • 509F
    Fiber Interface Device / Slack Storage

    AdobePDF.jpg 509F (PDF)

  • CCP5 Series
    Fiber Optic Customer Connection Point
    AdobePDF.jpg CCP5 (PDF)

    Outdoor Optical Network Terminal Enclosure with Slack Storage

    AdobePDF.jpg OD-ONT-ENC (PDF)

  • RM1U2S
    Swingout Patch and Splice Panel

    AdobePDF.jpg RM1U2S (PDF)

  • 506F
    Fiber Interface Device/Slack Storage

    AdobePDF.jpg 506F (PDF)

  • WSE-144
    Wallmount Splice Enclosure

    AdobePDF.jpg WSE-144 (PDF)

    Optical Network Terminal Enclosure
    & Slack Storage Tray

    AdobePDF.jpg ONT-ENC (PDF)
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