RTK Series Riser Tube Kit

Key Product Benefits

  • The RTK includes a notched riser which provides neat service wire point of exit that matches up to most NIDs
  • Buried elbows and bends provide protection from rain, dirt, and insect intrusion
  • The RTK is constructed from a thin PVC which is lightweight and allows for on-site customization to fit customer premise wiring
  • The PVC material will not rust, dent, or corrode

Tii’s Riser Tube Kit (RTK) are manufactured from UV stabilized, thin wall PVC to meet the need for large capacity buried copper, coaxial, fiber, and hybrid service drops. The tube is lightweight, easy-to-handle, and can be easily cut on-site with a hacksaw or knife. The RTK is ideal for providing neat, inexpensive protection from weather degradation, snagging, and vandalism for all buried service wire installations. The RTK is also available in a “slotted” version, the RTK-S, for simple and quick installations as well as non-service affected retrofits.