ONT-ENC-LA Optical Network Terminal Enclosure

Key Product Benefits

  • Aesthetically pleasing for indoor use
  • Mounts directly to wall, or on top of fiber slack storage unit ONT-SSENC-LA
  • Adjustable ONT mounting scheme accommodates any ONT up to 9 x 9 x 2.5 inches without the use of tools
  • Supports mounting of multiple power adapters with integrated routing channel and strain relief for PA power/alarm cable
  • Design optimized with vents for thermal management

The ONT-ENC-LA is an indoor enclosure designed to hold the components of a typical Fiber to the Home installation including Indoor Optical Network Terminal, Power Adapter, and Tii’s 68M-2-2T Connectivity Block. It is designed to mount to a wall, or directly on top of an optional slack storage enclosure, Tii model ONT-SSENC-LA, which can accommodate greater than 50 ft. of flat drop fiber with adjustable fiber retention fingers. The design constrains “springy” drop cable in a way that maintains a bend radius greater than 6 inches