NCVD Non-Contact Voltage Detector

Key Product Benefits

  • Hazardous voltage detection without requiring contact to device under test
  • Insulating thermoplastic housing
  • Minimizes false alarms: suppresses high frequency noise and telephone ring signals
  • Visual indication of sensed voltage
  • Audible alarm for voltage exceeding 50V

The Non-Contact Voltage Detector (NCVD) allows a communication technician to test a work location for the presence of potentially hazardous Alternating Current voltages. The NCVD detects the presence of the electric field associated with a live circuit without making contact to the wire or device under test. The NCVD is molded out of insulating thermoplastic material to further reduce the risk of exposure.
The NCVD filters out 20Hz frequencies associated telephone ring signals and high frequency noise >200Hz to greatly minimize false readings. Optional accessories include a leather tool belt pouch, conductive cap, and coiled ground wire.