FET3G-SPL Series 96 Fiber Indoor/Outdoor Splice Housing

Key Product Benefits

  • Provides splice point between outdoor fiber cable and indoor cable
  • Can be used as a riser accumulation splice point in MDU/MTUs
  • Constructed of superior materials capable of withstanding harsh outdoor environments, including UV degradation, chemical exposure, and extreme temperatures
  • Strain reliefs accommodating compression fittings for feeder fiber with grounding provisions
  • Outer covers secured by 216 tool compatible 3/8” hex head bolt with padlock provisions

The FET3G-SPL Outdoor Splice Enclosure is a compact unit which can accommodate up to Four (4) FST-ASF24 24 fiber splice trays. This weatherproof design is ideally suited for outdoor pole or wall mount installations and is configured to accommodate up to 96F splicing.