97FB-S VDSL POTS Splitter Module with VDSL Output on Coax Port

Key Product Benefits

  • Designed for use at the subscriber premise in a Network Interface Device (NID)
  • Device can be mounted in a wide variety of NIDs in the customer access compartment, occupying a single slot
  • May be installed adjacent to or in place of existing POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) customer bridge module
  • VDSL Digital Subscriber Line provides high-bit-rate digital information over telephone subscriber lines. The Tii 97FB-S splitter design makes it possible to use a single phone line to provide triple play services including VDSL and IPTV.

The 97FB-S VDSL POTS Splitter Module splits the combined voice and data signal carried on telephone lines. POTS output is provided on a dual IDC connector, and VDSL output on a 75 Ohm female “F” coax connector. The balanced twisted pair input signal is impedance matched to a single ended coax VDSL output which is lowpass filtered to 8.5MHz, allowing for coexistence with 12-28MHz HPNA signals on a single coax wire. The 97FB-S module also provides the Tii Auto-Jack®, a switchable RJ-11 jack, as the customer demarcation point.