97C-1-1-2 ADSL2+ POTS Splitter Module, IPTV Services

Key Product Benefits

  • Designed for use at the subscriber premises in a Network Interface Device (NID)
  • Device can be mounted in a wide variety of Corning Cable Systems NI-2000 compatible NIDs
  • May be installed adjacent to existing Corning PTD (Protected Termination Device)
  • Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL2+) provides high-bit-rate digital information over telephone subscriber lines. The 97C-1-1-2 splitter design makes it possible to use a single phone line to provide triple play services including ADSL2+ and IPTV.

The 97C-1-1-2 ADSL2+ POTS Splitter Module is a passive device which splits the combined voice and data signal carried on telephone lines to provide separate outputs for both phone and data services.