95S-1-14-EMI DSL POTS Splitter Module with EMI Filter for DSL, IPTV Services

Key Product Benefits

  • Module’s unique design provides customer bridging and xDSL POTS splitting in one product
  • Module easily snaps in and out of the customer side of the NID and occupies only one position, thereby not compromising the NID’s overall capacity
  • Designed for use in a wide variety of Network Interface Devices (NIDs) at the customer premises and compatible with 5100, 3700, 3600, and 9600 footprints
  • The Tii splitter design makes it possible to use a single phone line to provide triple play services including xDSL and IPTV

The 95S Series DSL POTS Splitter splits the combined voice and data signals carried on telephone lines providing separate outputs for both phone and data services. The 95S-1-14-EMI utilizes enhanced circuit components to meet DSL splitter specifications for advanced data and IPTV deployments.