80-800 Indoor VDSL2 Balun

Key Product Benefits

  • Converts 75 Ohm unbalanced signal to a balanced twisted pair signal
  • Allows coax to be used to carry the DSL signal where twisted pair is of insufficient quality
  • Speeds broadband and IPTV installations, reducing cost
  • Standard DSL gateways with RJ-11 Input port may be used

The 80-800 Indoor VDSL2 Balun is a passive in-line device designed to convert a VDSL2 signal carried on unbalanced 75 Ohm coax cable to a balanced twisted pair signal.
This device is typically used in conjunction with the 97FB-S Splitter Filter Balun. 97FB-S device is installed in the Network Interface Device (NID) and converts the incoming balanced DSL signal to an unbalanced 75 ohm coaxial cable signal. The DSL signal is carried on the coax cable to the living unit where the 80-800 is installed. It then converts the DSL signal back to twisted pair for connection to the adjacent DSL modem.