761M Series Flush Mount Indoor Phone Jack Plate for Digital Voice Applications

Key Product Benefits

  • The 761 is a standard wall plate sized device and can be located at any telephone jack location
  • Dual conductor gold plated R-J11 jack for reliable RJ-11 connection
  • Tool-less IDC rocker for telephone wire connections on the back side of jack plate
  • All contacts are rated for 1.5 Amp max current

The 761 Series flush mount indoor phone jack plate is designed to provide convenient RJ-11 connectivity with IDC termination in the back and utilizes Tii’s proprietary gel filled IDC rockers for wire terninations. The IDC rockers are color coded for tip and ring wire orientations. Termination of wires is easy as the wires do not need stripping. All one needs is to lift the rocker, straighten ends of the wire, insert and pull the rockers in fully down position.