442CSE ONT Grounding Module for Coax Utilizing Two-Prong Polarized AC Outlet

Key Product Benefits

  • Designed to provide grounding through the wall AC receptacle’s grounding screw via the ground tab on the unit
  • Capable of terminating up to a #12 gauge grounding wire in grounding wire port using a standard slotted screwdriver
  • Ideal for applications where equipment does not have existing provisions for grounding through AC power cord and where common bonding of the coax cable ground is desired
  • Provides an auxiliary AC receptacle on the side of the unit

The 442CSE Grounding Module detects the presence of AC power and ground. It also provides an auxiliary AC receptacle designed with a side entry AC outlet and grounding for easy access to the unit and grounding connection through the ground tab. Two F-type female connectors provide the means of grounding the coax cable shield as well as signal integrity