103- 105- Solid State 240V and 300V Protector Series

Key Product Benefits

  • Less than 5 nanoseconds response time with 240V Solid State protection element
  • Detent position facilitates testing
  • Fails “safe” by permanently shorting to ground in the event of sustained overvoltage
  • Minimizes transmission loss at high frequencies
  • Extremely low capacitance, balanced overvoltage protection
  • Corrosion resistant gold plated pins standard

Tii’s line of DSL Solid State Protector Modules provides dependable protection for today’s high speed communications networks. Balanced, ultralow capacitance, solid state circuitry minimizes noise and signal loss in high frequency networks. The modules protect sensitive circuitry by responding to surges in nanoseconds. Breakdown voltage is tightly controlled by clamping precisely and dependably even after long repeated use. An integral fail-safe mechanism permanently shorts the protector to ground in the presence of sustained overvoltage.