RRU LUSC Series Duplex Jumper LC Uniboot / SC

Key Product Benefits

  • Duplex round 3mm jacket
  • Weatherproof and UV resistant
  • Flexible dielectric tight buffer design
  • Compact LC UPC uniboot connector for high density RRU applications
  • RRU gasket to seal common 5mm jumper entry
  • Hybrid jumper interconnect SC-UPC or SC-APC with small 6” 2.0mm breakouts

Duplex round outdoor rated 3mm patch cord terminated Compact LC-UPC uniboot connector for use in Remote Radio Unit applications. The round duplex cable and compact LC provide a single cable for easier cable management in tight spaces. Small diameter flexible weatherproof cable is composed of 2 tight buffer Singlemode optical fibers, water blocking aramid yarn, and UV resistant PVC jacket.