751-1T-12 Indoor DSL POTS Splitter Module for VDSL2/ADSL2+, IPTV Services

Key Product Benefits

  • Module’s unique design provides customer bridging and DSL POTS splitting in one module
  • The splitter’s design makes it possible to use a single phone line to provide triple play services including VDSL2/ADSL2+ and IPTV and has both RJ jacks and sealed IDC rocker terminals for flexible wiring schemes
  • When engaged, the Auto-Jack® connects the RJ-11 test plug contacts to the central office (CO) for dial tone validation while disconnecting the customer from the circuit

The 751-1T-12 Indoor DSL POTS Splitter Module splits the combined voice and data signals carried on telephone lines providing separate outputs for both phone and data services. It is designed to be mounted inside the customer premises. RJ jacks or sealed rocker/IDC terminals connect directly to the equipment with data grade cabling. The 751-1T-12 contains Tii’s Auto-Jack® test receptacle which disconnects CO signals from customer wiring to facilitate troubleshooting problems.