122 Primary Surge Arrester Module

Key Product Benefits

  • The 122 consists of a three-electrode gas tube, a fail short mechanism in the event of a power cross condition, and an epoxy filled shell with two #10 wiring studs and a ground strap
  • The encapsulation of the internal components of the module safeguards against contamination and corrosion of the protection elements. This feature is not found in screw-in type station protectors
  • The module may be employed in a variety of single and multiple pair protector assemblies and network interface devices
  • Capable of terminating one service drop wire pair plus four customer inside wire pairs

Tii’s Primary Surge Arrester Modules are the basic components of Tii Station Protectors. Because the wiring terminals are an integral part of the protector module, the entire self-contained unit must be removed and replaced when it reaches its “end of life” condition. This ensures that the subscriber is always protected when connected to the service wire.