PPMT Series Protected Pole Mount Terminal

Key Product Benefits

  • Simple installation
  • Tool-less IDC connections
  • Connections are gel sealed against the environment
  • Lower IDC ports support 18 gauge as well as 22-26 gauge drop wires
  • Aluminum construction resists harsh weather conditions
  • Air dammed stub for pressurized systems
  • High density, craft friendly design

The PPMT is a protected, twenty-five pair pole mounted terminal utilizing Tii’s gel sealed, tool-less IDC connections. Its primary surge protection modules support drop wires from 18 gauge and 22-26 gauge without the need to strip the insulation.

Tii’s AD-01G-FS Surge Arrestor is specifically designed to protect tomorrow’s high-speed digital networks, such as ADSL2+/VDSL2 technology against damage caused by electrical surges. The unit has a tab style grounding provision for use in Tii’s PPMT Protected Pole Mount Terminals and 117S products.